Water Testing

A water quality test is performed by an inspector who looks for contaminants in the water supply. While public water systems must test and treat their water before distributing it, these tests only cover water that hasn’t left the treatment plant. Before your water enters your home’s supply line, it travels through miles of pipes. Some of these pipes might be in poor condition or they could contain lead. The inspector checks for pH levels, fluoride levels (which may be too high), mineral contaminants (including iron, arsenic, and lead), and heavy metals (such as copper and lead).

Water Quality Testing 

Getting the quality of water supply to a home tested is important to ensure the health and safety of you and your family. 

Tap water can contain health risks if it is contaminated with harmful chemicals, bacteria, or metals. 

Why Get a Water Quality Test with Alpine Home Inspection LLC

Drinking contaminated tap water can pose serious health risks. Testing the quality of your tap water is the only way to determine if it is safe to drink or not. 

This is because the majority of water contaminants are tasteless, odorless and invisible. 

Getting a Water Quality Test is Important For: 

  • Preventing child health risks 
  • Meeting common loan requirements
  • Discovering any potential plumbing issues 
  • Some contaminants are carcinogenic (causing cancer)